a delightful romp



What is It’s a site that showcases found chunks from around the Web and around the World. What are chunks? Any bit of visual material or media that is worthy of further contemplation for any reason. Some chunks are interesting, some chunks are inspiring, and some chunks are beyond all human understanding..



truck deco money typography fire hole hax0rz tombstones zines coffee collage monza seasonal regular-show graffiti bubbles graveyards guns collabz dali drugs party teeth sculpture memes yoda enigma artists dla chemicals halloween history fluid shapes earth logos space micro lord-of-the-rings politics macro disasters 2050 black-tiger monsters comics retro business cartoons battles agriculture movies smoke people death bones machines masks setups textures war animated-gif skulls video clouds favorites games city surrealism toys signs decay adverts architecture propaganda science colors fractals chillz mainstream star-wars screenshots visual fail landscapes abstract art chopped patterns surreal animals marketing humor graphics b&w photos




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